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April Bey grew up in the Caribbean (Nassau, Bahamas) and now resides/works in Los Angeles, CA.

Bey's work is interdisciplinary and varies based on content.  The work is an introspective and social critique of American and Bahamian popular culture, immigration, contemporary pop culture, feminism, and race.  Racial ambiguity, ghetto culture, self-identity issues and social media communication and subcultures are also themes seen in her work.

She will have her first solo show with Coagula Curatorial in February 2017

April Bey - "Divine/Venus (Without Women)"
April Bey - "Share If You Agree (This is what a feminist looks like)"
April Bey - "Share If You Agree (Sista Dolezal)"
April Bey - "#OnFleek #Smiling"
April Bey - "#OnFleek #GoalWeight"
April Bey - "#OnFleek #Feminists"
April Bey - "#WhoDoYouWorship? (Hannah Horvath's Tits)"
April Bey - "#WhoDoYouWorship? (Hannah Montana's Swag)"
April Bey - "#WhoDoYouWorship? (Washington White's Hat)"
April Bey - "Beyonce Inc."
April Bey - "#OnFleek #Apologize"

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