Astrology for Artists, Coagula Curatorial

SATURDAY Seminar Series with


Linda Jacobson, Artist•Shaman


Mat Gleason, Curator•Writer•Astrologer


Meeting 5 Saturdays, Starting JAN 14, 2017

We meet every other week

10:00am - 1:00pm


Please join us for a this brand new series of self exploration and enhancement of your intuitive powers through ritual, ceremony and the tools and concepts of astrology in this very special and enriching seminar to deepen your self understanding and art-making process. Each person will receive an individualized chart and private session with Mat Gleason. Linda Jacobson will assist each person in delving into the soul based wisdom

through ceremony and the art process to experience what these concepts mean.


You will find out what your astrological element, if you are fire, air, earth or water and what that means.

How does your creative expression reflect or not reflect it?


Designed specifically for artists, the workshop will connect you to your inner core of imagination and enrich your creative process.

We will explore the power of combining astrological archetypes with art-making initiatives.

This seminar will explore the role of ritual, ceremony and intuition in your art-making process.

•What is your astrological element?

•Are you Air, Fire, Water or Earth?

•Does your art reflect this?

•Can you get more out of making art by being in touch with the elements in your astrological chart?

•Can you learn from artists in art history with whom you share astrological elements?

•Does your astrological chart have an absence of one or two elements?

•Beyond personality traits and tendencies, what can you learn to incorporate into your art

that might not come naturally - is the missing element in your work achievable?

Join us for five Saturday morning sessions (January 14 & 28, February 11 & 25, March 4) of artmaking and exploration.

Art supplies will be provided. Linda Jacobson will lead the class with invocations and ceremonies to free participants from current routines and studio habits. Mat Gleason will provide individual chart readings with your art-making in mind as well as lead astrology discussions about well-known artists based on aspects in their charts.

This seminar takes place in Chinatown at Coagula Curatorial art gallery, 974 Chung King Road. Registrants will be provided details on directions and parking options. The five class sessions begin at 10 AM and last until 1 PM every other Saturday beginning January 14.



Enrollment / Tuition : $400

This class is limited to 20 artists.

About the instructors:

Linda Jacobson is an artist and educator. She exhibits her paintings internationally and has lead innovative seminars on the creative process worldwide for over 20 years. She was named instructor of the year by UCLA extension and her work is informed by her life-long study of Buddhism, Jungian psychology, mythology and meso-american shamanic practices. Linda currently teaches at Otis Art Institute. She received her degrees and studied art at Art Center College of Design, Otis Art Institute and CSUN. Her work is in numerous public and private collections.

Mat Gleason, Curator, Writer, and Astrologer curates at Coagula Curatorial Gallery and founded Coagula Art Journal. When David Bowie subscribed to Coagula in the 1990s he raved that Mat’s writing “swings out from the blue-collar corner, clobbering the closed-door snobishness that has increasingly distanced the public from the rareified air of the “art world”. In addition to his three decades of covering and curating in the Los Angeles Art Scene, Mat is also an accomplished astrologer and has had ghost-written horoscopes widely published online for more than a decade.