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September 6 - 27, 2014

Marion Lane & Rochelle Botello | Double Trouble, September 2014

Double Trouble: Marion Lane and Rochelle Botello is a unique collaboration between two artists. They met a year ago and quickly formed a close friendship. Over the past year they shared a studio space that allowed them to be engaged in a continuous dialogue about their individual art practice.

Acting as a conversation between the artist's work, Double Trouble explores the materiality and intuitive process that embraces chance, discovery, mystery and curiosity. This exhibition is a response to the nature of everyday life that is unpredictable, beautiful, absurd, brutal and playful. This exhibition is a culmination and a natural progression of their individual artistic developments and friendship over the last year.

Lane is a painter. She creates elaborate poured acrylic paintings that are collaged together to create complex layered forms that are organic, playful and complex.

Botello is a sculptor who creates paper collaged sculptures that are constructed and pieced together using everyday materials such as paper, duct tape and cardboard. The sculptures draw upon the absurd to visualize sensations of wonder and play aiming to engage with ideas of existence.