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The 1% War

Clayton Campbell, "The 1% War", October 15

Coagula Curatorial is pleased to present a unique internet event and exhibition, The 1% War -- a 20,000 word novella with 21 original photographs by Los Angeles artist Clayton Campbell. The 1% War opens on-line October 15 and running indefinitely.

In the spirit of the historic classic social commentators like Dickens, Hogarth, Daumier, and Goya, Campbell has penned a moral parable for our times but based on real conditions and stories told to him by survivors of international conflicts. A fictional story, The 1% War tells the tale of the United States a few years from now gripped in a terrible ‘Fear of the Fear of Terror’. By giving up their freedoms to be safe instead the nation descends into a brutal civil war. Seen through the eyes of an artist who becomes a war correspondent named #Chevalier, Campbell’s digital photographs are the photos #Chevalier takes both depicting and distorting the world around him that is collapsing into an anarchy of amoral combatants and helpless victims. The 1% War as a genre of dystopian literature and visual culture nevertheless challenges the viewer and reader to accept that , “this doesn’t have to happen” as Campbell’s art shows what will happen if we continue down the dystopian road the novella takes us. The artist intentionally is releasing this work, over a year in the making, during the current Presidential election, when the choices we make as a country as so critical. The conditions revealed in The 1% War will remain no matter whom is elected, what is at issue is how individuals deal with the politics of Fear coming from all sides and to find another way to embrace life.

About the artist: Clayton Campbell is a cultural producer, having worked since 1976 as a practicing visual artist, curator, administrator, fundraiser, and consultant and published arts writer. The 1% War is his first published work of fiction. His 2015 exhibition at Coagula Curatorial, Wild Kingdom, was a runaway critical success. Christopher Knight in the LA times described the work as “The signal being sent at Coagula Curatorial is sardonic – an elaborate engagement with the self-absorbed condition of worldly disengagement.” Lisa Derrick of the Huffington Post wrote “Campbell’s clear and clever observations/commentaries on society’s obsession with our smart phones and social media to the exclusion of our surroundings stand strongly on their own — but are rendered even more profound with the burnishing of current events.”

Clayton Campbell, "The 1% War", October 15

Campbell’s seminal project, Words We Have Learned Since 9/11, is currently being exhibiting and work shopped with the Los Angeles Poverty Department at the Skid Row Museum in downtown Los Angeles through November. It is sponsored in part by a grant from the Santa Monica Department of Cultural Affairs. The Words Project has been exhibited at Unit 24 Gallery, London; the Museum of Mobile, Alabama; the Nam Jun Paik Art Center, South Korea; the Aaran Gallery in Tehran; the Los Angeles County Museum of Art; the Barrick Art Museum, University of Nevada Las Vegas; the Maison Europeenne de la Photographie, Paris; the WYSPA Institute for Art, Gdansk Poland; the International Center of Contemporary Art, Bucharest; the Three Shadows Photography Art Center, Beijing and the University of Capetown, South Africa amongst others.

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