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Alyson Souza, "Life Among The Polygons", Coagula Curatorial



Coagula Curatorial is pleased to present Life Among The Polygons, an exhibit of new paintings and sculpture by Alyson Souza. The exhibit runs from Saturday, March 17 through Sunday, April 15. An opening reception will be held on Saturday, March 17 from 6 - 9 pm at Coagula Curatorial, located at 974 Chung King Road in downtown Los Angeles' historic Chinatown district. This is Souza's second solo exhibit with the gallery.

In Life Among the Polygons, Alyson Souza has directly and indirectly drawn upon the visceral experience of life in Los Angeles. Vertical and horizontal, concrete covers our surfaces and in every crack nature persists. Art and music are no longer taught to children, yet street art and murals multiply daily. We simultaneously create and destroy. It is in our nature. It is nature; to self organize and reorganize. Beautiful, destructive, innovative organization. City blocks and fern fronds. May the conscious cosmos always maintain the upper hand.

The paintings of Alyson Souza liberally borrow from assemblage to set the scene where the unimagined combinations of organic and mechanical manifest. A cabbage marries a rotating air ventilator, an artichoke is a heavy-wired light bulb. You needn't worry about these experiments electrocuting you or overturning the fundamental rules of physics. A great poet once sang "To live outside the law you must be honest" and Souza's pictures live way beyond the laws of measurement, gravity, geometry, subatomic corporeal structure, and most of the rest of the floor of the public library housing books on these and related subjects. Nature looks messy but the organic has a harmony that matches any machine and a vitality that surpasses it. There may be a world one day run by artificial intelligence but it will not surpass the beauty of what composes vegetation and, unlike Alyson Souza, never grasp the tender juxtaposition of disparate methods that humans and the earth mold into functional aesthetics and absurd visual journeys embarked on for their own lustful sake. These are sensuous paintings to be savored as a salad of preposterous principals.


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