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Coagula Curatorial | "Three Painters" | Group Exhibition | January 10, 2015


Saturday, January 10 | 7-11PM

Show runs thru February 14

Coagula Curatorial presents THREE PAINTERS: new works by three rigorous Los Angeles artists. Opening Saturday January 10th at the gallery's location in historic Chinatown, THREE PAINTERS runs thru February 14th. The opening reception will be held on Saturday, January 10 from 7-10PM, at 974 Chung King Road, Los Angeles.

Walpa D'mark received his Master of Fine Art from Claremont Graduate University and his Bachelor of Fine Arts From Cal State Long Beach. His work has been exhibited internationally and extensively in the Los Angeles area, including Coagula Curatorial, Torrance Art Museum, University of LaVerne, and POST, among others. In D'mark's excited paintings, colors are saturated and bright, culling personal narratives and influences weaving the psychadelic, the Fauvist, and the Latino. In viewing the works, one imagines being witness to a nuclear bomb explosion, the essence of the sun, the nature of a flower, or the blossoming effect of such phenomena.

Barbara Kaleta fuses drawing, calligraphy, and painting on her canvases. The Pasadena native dots her unique abstracted landscapes with drawn and painted personal images and icons; implying, but not announcing connections and narrative content. While paintings evoke a sense of place, they are shaded by memory and can't be located on a map. She received her MFA in 1998 from Claremont Graduate University. Her painting “A Long Neck is Good” was featured at Coagula's acclaimed L.A. Women exhibit booth at Aqua Art Miami Contemporary Art Fair in December 2014.

Ian Pines makes brutishly personal, intuitive, and psychological paintings, which act as metamorphosing mirrors of primordial oil. Yet out of the glut of paint on canvas emerge much artistic as well as anthropological and cosmological significance. Pines' works aim right at the most corporeal, relevant and basic factors of death and sex in order to bring about a somatic reaction in viewing the work. The compositions are electrified with bright color and bravado. Humor, irony, futility, and transience are integral parts of Pines' foul figures and shapes flopping and slipping off one another in a slapstick of some over-saturated pornographic space opera. Ian Pines received his MFA from UCLA in 2010.