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Walpa D'Mark, "A Jindo Understands"


Opening Reception: DECEMBER 15, 8pm - MIDNIGHT

Born in Managua, Nicaragua. Lives and works in Los Angeles.

Humanism says to do what you want, to find your selfishness, to slain your oppressor. God has given free will so that you alone may seek Him.

I'm on the fence. I have too many fears and doubts of myself and humanity. But I have faith and hope that we may find something greater than ourselves. Or maybe I know full well deep inside me that it's a balance, and that it's a controlled folly, an absurdity we get to play out. Either way, I am entitled to my freedom of expression, and I'll express my thoughts and feelings through symbolic imagery, a surreal sensibility, psychedelic color, visceral, textured painting technique, and an idiosyncratic language. I hope that viewers can connect to the work, and that maybe we'll share a humanistic and spiritual moment.